.02 Collection and Submission of Data.

A. Long-term care providers, on a periodic basis as requested, shall submit accurate, timely, and complete data required by the Commission for:

(1) The development of methodologies and planning; and

(2) Maintenance of the nursing home performance evaluation guide.

B. The Commission shall:

(1) Annually survey providers of comprehensive care, extended care, chronic hospital care, and assisted living; and

(2) Prepare a schedule for surveying other long-term care providers.

C. Providers shall retain a listing of all patient/client codes, as applicable, and a copy of the survey for 5 years to permit the Commission to follow up on unclear responses.

D. Long-term care providers shall prepare and submit to the Commission within 60 days of receipt of the survey instrument, data responses to the Maryland Long-Term Care Survey. Failure to submit these responses in a timely fashion may subject the provider to penalties as described in COMAR 10.25.12.

E. A survey required under this regulation does not replace any existing data requirements of the Department or any agencies or commissions of the State.