.10 Program Agencies — Eligibility and Responsibilities.

A. The agency that administers the Program shall:

(1) Be licensed under COMAR 10.22.06 as an Individual and Family Support Program;

(2) Have been awarded a contract to administer the Program under the Administrationís competitive procurement process; and

(3) Maintain an operational procedure manual that is approved by DDA.

B. Funding of Services. The agency shall fund services as follows:

(1) Fund only services that meet the requirements of this chapter;

(2) Fund services at the rates set forth in the contract;

(3) Fund procured services based on the usual, customary, and reasonable rate for the service provided; and

(4) Fund housing adaptations and barrier removals referenced in Regulation .07A(8) of this chapter, including the cost of the physical adaptation and associated costs for installation.

C. The agency shall deny funding if:

(1) The applicant does not meet eligibility criteria;

(2) The service or item requested is not permitted to be provided or funded by this chapter; or

(3) The provider of the service does not meet the requirements of this chapter.