.08 Program Funding.

A. The Program is not an entitlement program and does not create a right to funding.

B. Funding is not transferable, and the amount funded may not exceed the amount initially requested on the application.

C. Amount of Funding.

(1) The agency may approve funding for an eligible individual for services up to $2,000 per fiscal year.

(2) Requests for amounts exceeding $2,000 may not be considered.

D. The agency may not fund a request for services unless the service or support meets the requirements of this chapter.

E. Exclusions.

(1) Treatments and therapies that are not generally accepted by the relevant scientific community may not be provided or funded.

(2) The Program may not provide or fund the following:

(a) Housing adaptations or improvements to an individualís home that adds to the homeís total square footage; and

(b) Adaptations or modifications that restrict an individualís movement or jeopardize the individualís welfare.

(3) The Program may not provide or cover the following:

(a) Cash;

(b) Case management;

(c) Gift cards;

(d) Presents;

(e) Toys, except those recommended by an individual authorized under the Health Occupations Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, for specified therapeutic purposes;

(f) Vacations;

(g) Vehicle gas, tires, registration fees, loan payments, insurance coverage, and penalties for violations, such as tickets and fines; and

(h) Housing assistance, including eviction assistance, utility disconnection, and deposits.