.07 Covered Services.

A. Services include supports involving:

(1) Attendant care services, including personal care;

(2) Camps that are:

(a) Approved by the MDH in accordance with COMAR 10.16.06;

(b) Accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education;

(c) Accredited by the American Camping Association certification;

(d) Approved by a State governmental entity; or

(e) Approved by the Developmental Disabilities Administration;

(3) Child care that is provided in accordance with COMAR 13A.15, 13A.16, and 13A.18;

(4) Community integration services, including recreation programs;

(5) Counseling, individual and family;

(6) Day care provided in accordance with Health General Article, §14-201(b) or §14-301(b), Annotated Code of Maryland;

(7) Employment-related services;

(8) Health services, including dietetic and nutritional services;

(9) Housing adaptations and barrier removals provided that the applicant or the applicantís family owns the property needing the adaptation;

(10) Identification services;

(11) Medical equipment purchase, rental, and repair;

(12) Recreation programs;

(13) Respite care and approved camps;

(14) Services to mediate, provide advice, or support the person or family to address their needs;

(15) Specialized equipment and assistive technology;

(16) Therapeutic services;

(17) Therapeutic summer programs;

(18) Training and support for self-advocacy;

(19) Transportation.

(20) Tuition for post-secondary academic and vocational services;

(21) Tutoring for post-secondary academic and vocational services; and

(22) Repairs of vehicles that have been modified or adapted with specialized equipment to meet the needs of the eligible individual.

B. The Administration may approve other services that meet the requirements of Regulation .06 of this chapter.

C. The agency approving or procuring requested dietitian and nutritionist services referenced in §A(7) of this regulation shall be sensitive to the educational background, culture, religion, eating habits, preferences, and general environment of the individual.

D. To be approved for funding, all requested medical services, and therapies:

(1) Shall be prescribed by a professional authorized to do so under the Health Occupations Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, in the relevant field;

(2) Shall be provided or supervised by an organization authorized to do so under the Health Occupations Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, in the relevant field;

(3) Shall be prescribed for treatment of a specified illness or condition, or for amelioration of the symptoms of a specified illness or condition;

(4) Shall be a treatment that is approved by the:

(a) Respective Health Occupations licensing board; and

(b) The Federal Drug Administration (FDA), if the FDA regulates the treatment; and

(5) May not be:

(a) Related to the individualís primary or secondary education; and

(b) Covered by the individualís IEP.

E. To be approved for funding, all providers of housing adaptations and barrier removal services shall:

(1) Be properly licensed or certified by the State to provide the service being rendered;

(2) Be bonded as is legally required;

(3) Obtain all required State and local permits;

(4) Pass final required inspections; and

(5) Perform all work in accordance with State and local building codes.