.06 Scope.

A. Services funded under this program are intended to be, and are limited to, those that:

(1) Enhance the individualís health or increase safety in the home environment;

(2) Support the individual to participate in the community;

(3) Enable the individual to remain in the individualís own home or with the individualís family;

(4) Strengthen the familyís ability to support the individual; or

(5) Enable the individual to develop and maintain skills.

B. Services funded under this program may not duplicate services available to the individual in the community, education systems, or under an existing health plan, including Medical Assistance services.

C. To be approved for funding, requested services and items:

(1) Shall be rendered by a provider whose administrative fee does not exceed 15 percent of the total cost of the item or service;

(2) May not be provided by a legally responsible person, as defined in Health General Article, §7-701(c), Annotated Code of Maryland;

(3) Shall be rendered by a provider who is licensed by the State to perform the service;

(4) Shall be received:

(a) Except in accordance with §C(4)(b) of this regulation, within the same fiscal year as the request; and

(b) For summer camps, summer programs, and therapeutic programs, in June of the current fiscal year, or in July and August of the following fiscal year; and

(5) Shall be approved in accordance with this chapter.