.09 Program Service Plan (PSP).

A. To receive a license from the Administration under this chapter, the applicant shall develop and submit for approval, as part of its application, a PSP for each service it provides.

B. If the licensee makes a change in its PSP, the licensee shall submit its revised PSP for the Administration's approval before the implementation of the changes.

C. The administrative head of the licensee shall assure that the PSP is reviewed by its governing body and updated at least every 3 years.

D. The licensee shall comply with all provisions of its approved PSP.

E. Contents. The licensee shall ensure the PSP includes the following components:

(1) Rationale, which includes a discussion of the applicant's philosophy for the provision of services;

(2) Scope, which includes a discussion of the specific services to be provided;

(3) Staffing and training, which includes a description of the staff or care providers necessary to provide the services outlined in §E(2) of this regulation and a description of any additional training required by its staff other than provided in Regulation .11 of this chapter; and

(4) Setting and location, which includes a description of where the services are to be provided and the number of individuals expected to be served.

F. Innovative Program Service Plan Variance.

(1) If an applicant or licensee wants to provide services or supports through an alternative model not currently regulated by this subtitle, the applicant or licensee may submit a PSP and request approval from the Administration to provide services or supports through this alternative model.

(2) The Administration shall consider whether the proposed model meets the overall goals of the Administration and reflects the values and outcomes delineated in COMAR 10.22.04.

(3) The Administration may approve the proposed model, as proposed, or with conditions, including which regulatory requirements of this subtitle would apply.