.05 Admission Criteria.

A. A child or adolescent may be admitted to a RICA if the:

(1) Individual has a long-term and severe mental disorder;

(2) Individual has treatment needs that cannot be met through available community-based programs;

(3) Residential treatment provided by the RICA can reasonably be expected to improve the individual's condition or prevent further regression so that the individual can return to the community.

B. The child or adolescent shall be between 12 and 17 years old at the time of admission. The RICA admission team may waive the age limit in appropriate cases.

C. A RICA may not admit a child or adolescent who has:

(1) A primary diagnosis of alcoholism, drug addiction, or severe brain damage; or

(2) Cognitive deficits which severely limit the individual's ability to use the treatment modalities provided.

D. A child or adolescent who otherwise meets the admission standards may not be denied residential treatment solely because the individual resides outside the regular catchment area served by the RICA, as established by the Director. The Director shall take into consideration the ratio of residential treatment beds to population base and proximity to the program when establishing the catchment areas, and shall review and revise the catchment areas, as appropriate, every 5 years beginning in 1990. Priority for admission shall be given to applicants living in the catchment area served by the RICA.

E. If a child or adolescent meets the admission standards but the RICA is occupied to its licensed capacity, priority on the waiting list for admission shall be given to those individuals who have the most severe mental disorders as exhibited by level of dysfunctions.