.05 Application Process.

A. Consultation. Before submitting an application, an applicant for licensure to operate a group home may request assistance from the Department's designated licensure unit or the appropriate core service agency (CSA) regarding the proper compilation of application materials and completion of the application.

B. Application for Licensure. An applicant for licensure for a group home shall:

(1) Submit, to the Department's designated licensure unit, a signed, notarized application on the form approved by the Department with the requirement that all questions be answered and all required documents be attached;

(2) Include in the application:

(a) The applicant's:

(i) Name;

(ii) Agency affiliation, if any; and

(iii) Address;

(b) Documentation:

(i) Of the applicant's not-for-profit status;

(ii) That the applicant has sufficient financial resources or that sufficient resources are available to the applicant for the establishment and operation of the residence;

(c) The following information about the property:

(i) The street address of the property or, if it has no street address, a description that adequately identifies the location; and

(ii) If the applicant does not own the property, the name and address of the owner;

(d) The satisfactory reports, not more than 1 year old, of the group home that are required by the local jurisdiction, including, at a minimum:

(i) A fire safety inspection report; and

(ii) In addition, for a large group home, a health inspection report;

(e) Written material that describes how the applicant intends the program to comply with the:

(i) Requirements outlined in this chapter;

(ii) Administrative requirements outlined in COMAR 10.21.17; and

(iii) Programmatic and staffing requirements outlined in COMAR 10.21.21 and 10.21.22;

(f) When applicable, a letter of intent that explains how the proposed services meet a need identified in the Administration-approved CSA plan; and

(g) When applicable, documentation that the program will collaborate with the CSA, as required under COMAR;

(h) Documentation that the group home:

(i) Is compatible with the nature and character of the area involved;

(ii) Is near transportation facilities; and

(iii) Meets or, on completion, will meet general zoning requirements regarding size, density, land use, and architectural guidelines that apply to the location;

(3) Submit with the application a copy of the residential specialist's certificate of approval of the residence, as granted under the provisions of COMAR 10.21.22; and

(4) Forward a copy of the:

(a) Application cover letter to the Administration; and

(b) Application to the:

(i) CSA, if the jurisdiction in which the program is to be located is served by a CSA; or

(ii) Health officer, if the jurisdiction in which the program is to be located is not served by a CSA.