.03 Admission Standards.

A. A group home may admit an individual if the individual:

(1) Has a mental disorder;

(2) Because of the mental disorder, requires residential services for assistance and support in community living;

(3) Has the ability to understand and states, in writing, willingness to comply with the rules and regulations of the group home; and

(4) Is able to take appropriate action, under emergency conditions, for self-preservation.

B. A group home may not admit an individual if the individual:

(1) Has a primary diagnosis of alcoholism, drug addition, or severe brain damage; or

(2) Shows current violent or antisocial behavior.

C. If an individual is a Medicaid recipient or an individual for whom, because of the severity of the illness and financial need, the cost of care is subsidized through the public mental health system, the individual may be admitted to a group home only if the services are preauthorized by the Administration's administrative services organization (ASO), according to the provisions of COMAR