.04 Prohibition of Smoking.

Except as provided in Regulation .03 of this chapter, an individual may not smoke in:

A. An indoor area open to the public;

B. An indoor place in which a meeting is open to the public in accordance with State Government Article, Title 10, Subtitle 5, Annotated Code of Maryland;

C. An indoor place of employment;

D. A government-owned or government-operated means of mass transportation, including:

(1) Buses;

(2) Vans;

(3) Trains;

(4) Taxicabs; and

(5) Limousines;

E. A private home or residence that is being used by a person who is licensed or registered under Family Law Article, Title 5, Subtitle 5, Annotated Code of Maryland, to provide day care or child care; and

F. A private vehicle while it is being used:

(1) For the public transportation of children; or

(2) As part of health care or day care transportation.