.08 Inspections.

A. The Department shall:

(1) Monitor a swimming pool for compliance with this chapter; and

(2) Inspect the swimming pool as necessary for the enforcement of this chapter.

B. Right to Inspect.

(1) The Department may enter, at reasonable times, the property of a swimming pool for the purposes of inspecting, monitoring, and verifying information relative to the enforcement of this chapter.

(2) A person may not deny or interfere with the Departmentís entry into a swimming pool under this chapter.

(3) An operator shall permit a representative of the Department to examine and copy records of the swimming pool to verify information relative to the enforcement of this chapter.

C. Report of Inspection. During a swimming pool inspection, the Department shall:

(1) Record the inspection results on an inspection form prescribed by the Department;

(2) Identify on the inspection form the conditions found that violate the provisions of this chapter;

(3) Notify the swimming pool operator on the inspection form to correct violations by a specific date; and

(4) Provide one copy of the inspection report to the swimming pool operator.

D. The completed inspection report is a public document that is available for public disclosure in accordance with State Government Article, §§10-611—10-628, Annotated Code of Maryland.