.46 Operating Records Required.

An operator shall maintain operating records on a form provided by the Secretary or an equivalent form and shall:

A. Except as provided in §B of this regulation, record the information required in §C(1)—(3) of this regulation in 2-hour intervals for a recreational pool and for a public spa, and three times per day for a limited public-use and semipublic pool and record the information required in §C(4)—(9) of this regulation a minimum of three times per day for a public pool and spa, beginning 1/2 hour before opening;

B. For a public pool or spa where an approved automatic controller is used, record the information required in §C of this regulation:

(1) A minimum of three times per day in conformance with the following schedule:

(a) The first recording of the day shall be made 1/2 hour before the pool or spa opens;

(b) The second recording shall be completed between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.; and

(c) The final recording shall be completed 2 hours before closing; and

(2) More frequently if required by the Secretary due to conditions such as high bather load, high temperatures, bright sunlight, or inadequate water quality;

C. Record the following information in the intervals required in §§A and B of this regulation:

(1) Disinfectant residual;

(2) Combined chlorine level, if chlorine is used;

(3) pH;

(4) Water clarity;

(5) Water temperature, if heated;

(6) Flow rate;

(7) Filter influent pressure and effluent pressure;

(8) Pump vacuum; and

(9) Total number of bathers;

D. Record in 1-week intervals for a public pool and in 1-day intervals for a public spa:

(1) Total alkalinity level;

(2) Calcium hardness level; and

(3) Cyanuric acid level, if used;

E. Record daily for a public pool or spa:

(1) The time of filter backwash or cleaning;

(2) An injury or accident at the pool or spa;

(3) Chemicals added to the water; and

(4) Malfunctioning or broken equipment;

F. Date and sign each record sheet;

G. Record the results of the following inspections in the specified intervals to complete a Pool and Spa Entrapment Hazards Checklist:

(1) Daily check before the facility is open to verify that:

(a) Drain covers, vacuum fitting covers, skimmer equalizer covers, and any other suction outlet covers are in place, secure, and unbroken;

(b) Skimmer baskets, weirs, lids, flow adjusters, and suction outlet lines are free of any blockage;

(c) Inlet and return covers or fittings are in place, secure, and unbroken;

(d) Safety warning signs are in place around the pool or spa, including emergency instructions and phone numbers; and

(e) On/off switches for pumps are clearly labeled and the location of the pumps is clearly identified; and

(2) Check all information required in §G(1) of this regulation before filling a pool or spa with water, after periodic maintenance, and after pool or filter cleaning procedures;

H. Keep the records on the premises for a minimum of 3 years; and

I. Submit the records to the Secretary upon request.