.42 Approval of Operator's Course.

The Secretary shall approve a pool and a spa operator's course based on the following criteria:

A. An approved course shall cover general aspects of public pool and spa operation including:

(1) Applicable regulations;

(2) Disease prevention;

(3) Disinfection;

(4) Filtration;

(5) Circulation system components;

(6) General pool and spa equipment;

(7) Operation and maintenance of equipment;

(8) Water chemistry;

(9) Water testing;

(10) Record keeping;

(11) General pool and spa chemicals;

(12) Chemical handling;

(13) Waste water disposal;

(14) Safety;

(15) Sanitation; and

(16) Other pertinent topics as specified by the Secretary; and

B. An approved course shall be taught by an individual who has demonstrated to the Secretary:

(1) Expertise in the operational aspects listed in §A of this regulation, as evidenced by combined work experience, training, and formal education; and

(2) Successful completion of an approved public pool and spa operator's course.