.23 Equipment Rooms.

An owner shall ensure that a recreational pool, semipublic pool, or public spa has an equipment room that:

A. Houses the pool or spa circulation, filtration, and disinfection equipment; and

B. Has:

(1) Weathertight construction to prevent the entrance of precipitation;

(2) Adequate floor area for safe access to all equipment;

(3) A minimum ceiling height of 7 feet 6 inches;

(4) A waterproof floor that drains to a floor drain;

(5) A lockable entrance door that allows complete and unencumbered access to the equipment room;

(6) A minimum of 20 footcandles of artificial illumination;

(7) Ventilation sized at 2 cubic feet per minute per square foot of floor area that is:

(a) Mechanical exhaust ventilation if chemicals are used or stored in the equipment room, or

(b) Natural or mechanical exhaust ventilation if chemicals are not used or stored in the equipment room;

(8) Adequate make-up air to replace the air exhausted by the ventilation system;

(9) A hose bibb with an atmospheric vacuum breaker; and

(10) A water-resistant data sheet that is posted in a conspicuous place for each pool or spa and that includes the following information:

(a) Volume of water,

(b) Minimum turnover rate,

(c) Maximum filter capacity,

(d) Water surface area,

(e) Length of water perimeter,

(f) Maximum bather load, and

(g) Operating instructions for valves and equipment.