.22 Decks.

A. An owner shall ensure that:

(1) A deck at a recreational or semipublic pool:

(a) Completely surrounds the pool;

(b) Is continuous with a minimum unobstructed width of 4 feet and an average width of 6 feet, and

(c) Is in conformance with the American National Standard for Public Swimming Pools;

(2) A deck at a public spa is in conformance with the American National Standard for Public Spas;

(3) The slope of a deck is away from a pool or a spa, toward points of disposal, and not less than 1/4 inch per foot, or greater than 1/2 inch per foot;

(4) The deck has drainage to deck drains or other points of disposal;

(5) The deck's surface is slip resistant or nonskid;

(6) An expansion joint between the coping and deck is sealed with a durable, watertight sealant;

(7) A brick, stone, aggregate, or similar deck surface has a subdeck in the required deck area;

(8) A wood deck has a gravel and plastic ground barrier or a concrete subdeck in the required deck area; and

(9) The deck does not trap dirt or support or harbor algae.

B. An owner may:

(1) Include the pool or spa coping in the measurement of the deck width; and

(2) Have ladders, handrails, lifeguard stands, structures for use by disabled individuals, and other pool equipment on the deck.

C. Except as provided in §B(2) of this regulation, an owner may not have light poles, structural supports, decorative fountains, waterfalls, and other obstacles or obstructions within 4 feet of a pool or within the required deck area of a spa.

D. An owner shall ensure that an anchor for a fixture used to support a backstroke flag, volleyball net, or similar recreational equipment is fitted with a cap or plug that is flush with the deck when the anchor is not in use.