.18 Standards for Public Therapy Pools.

An owner shall ensure that a public therapy pool:

A. Is in compliance with:

(1) This chapter;

(2) Applicable State and local codes; and

(3) The American National Standard for Public Swimming Pools;

B. Has:

(1) A deck with a minimum width of 4 feet around at least 50 percent of the therapy pool that provides access to individuals using the therapy pool, not including any ramp, entrance area, or exercise area; and

(2) A transition area between a shallow and a deep area that has:

(a) A floor slope that does not exceed 1 foot of drop to 3 feet of run; or

(b) Steps or ramps with handrails or a swing lift to transfer bathers from a shallow area to a deep area; and

C. Is used only for the purpose of supervised therapy.