.13 Health Treatment.

An operator shall ensure that:

A. A health treatment area:

(1) Is maintained within the camp for the temporary isolation and treatment of sick or injured campers;

(2) Affords privacy, quiet, continual supervision, and protection from the elements;

(3) Is equipped with:

(a) First aid supplies specified by the health supervisor; and

(b) Provisions for sanitary hand washing; and

(4) In the case of a residential camp as defined in COMAR, except for a primitive camp as defined in COMAR, provides:

(a) Hot and cold running water;

(b) A bathroom with a flush toilet;

(c) A hand sink;

(d) A shower;

(e) An isolation and convalescent area; and

(f) Exterior lighting; and

B. Staff members or volunteers wash their hands before and after treatment.