.12 Exclusion for Acute Illness and Communicable Disease.

A. An operator shall ensure that camp staff members:

(1) Monitor a camper for signs and symptoms of acute illness such as vomiting, diarrhea, or a fever;

(2) Arrange for first aid or medical treatment upon observing a sign or symptom of acute illness;

(3) Restrict an affected camper from participating in camp activities so that the camperís illness is not communicated to another individual;

(4) Provide supervision for an affected camper so that the camper is within sight and hearing of the supervising staff member; and

(5) Upon observing a sign or symptom of acute illness:

(a) Report an illness in accordance with Regulation .06E of this chapter; and

(b) Except for a residential camp as defined in COMAR, notify the camperís parent, guardian, or other designated person that the camper may not remain at camp.

B. When an acute illness is reported to the health supervisor, the health supervisor shall:

(1) Provide medical consultation or treatment; and

(2) Report the situation to the local health department in accordance with COMAR 10.06.01.

C. If a camper is exhibiting a symptom of acute illness, an operator may not:

(1) Admit an individual to a camp; or

(2) Except for a residential camp as defined in COMAR, allow a camper to remain in a camp.

D. An operator may not knowingly allow an individual to participate, work, or volunteer at camp during the period of communicability of a disease or condition listed in COMAR 10.06.01, unless:

(1) The individual is under the care of a licensed health care practitioner; and

(2) A licensed health care practitioner or local health officer as applicable approves, in writing, the individualís attendance.