.10 Electronic Records.

A. All of the following records may be kept electronically:

(1) A health log;

(2) A camper health record;

(3) A staff or volunteer health record;

(4) A Medication Administration Authorization Form;

(5) A Medication Administration Form;

(6) A Medication Final Disposition Form; or

(7) When an operator uses standing orders for medication administration, a parent or guardian consent form.

B. The camp operator shall ensure that an electronic record under §A of this regulation is:

(1) Capturing the same required information as the paper record being replaced;

(2) Password protected;

(3) Accessed only by authorized staff members;

(4) Permanent and will not be deleted;

(5) Capable of tracking staff member use of the system and producing an auditable record;

(6) Maintained in a confidential manner;

(7) Available at all times for review by the Department upon request; and

(8) Retained for a period of 3 years.

C. If the electronic record under §A of this regulation is unavailable for any reason, the camp operator shall:

(1) Provide a paper health log that meets the requirements of Regulation .05 of this chapter;

(2) Record all injuries, illnesses, medication errors, and reportable diseases and conditions as defined in COMAR 10.06.01 in the paper health log until access to the electronic record is restored;

(3) Transcribe all information recorded in the paper health log into the electronic record once access to the electronic record is restored;

(4) Annotate the paper health log to indicate that transcription has occurred;

(5) Retain the paper health log according to the time frame specified in Regulation .05 of this chapter; and

(6) Provide an alternative means to access the electronic record.