.05 Health Log.

An operator shall ensure that:

A. A camp staff member records in the camp health log, for all injuries, illnesses, medication errors, and reportable diseases and conditions as delineated in COMAR 10.06.01, the:

(1) Date;

(2) Name of individual;

(3) Ailment;

(4) Treatment prescribed; and

(5) Name of the individual administering care or initials of the individual administering care if a list of names and initials is provided at the front of the health log;

B. The camp health log is:

(1) Written on lined paper;

(2) Maintained in a confidential manner;

(3) Stored in a locked compartment;

(4) Available at all times for review by the Department; and

(5) Retained for a period of 3 years;

C. Each entry in the camp health log is:

(1) Recorded in ink and no lines are skipped, providing a permanent record that is not easily modified; and

(2) Legibly signed by the individual administering care at the camp; and

D. The camp health log is a:

(1) Bound volume, such as a composition notebook;

(2) Spiral book with sequentially numbered pages; or

(3) Dedicated paper record per individual.