.03 Health Program.

A. An operator shall prepare and implement a written health program that:

(1) Is approved annually, in writing, by a physician, certified nurse practitioner, or registered nurse licensed to practice in the State;

(2) Is on file in the headquarters or office of the camp and is available to the camp staff members;

(3) Includes the name, title, and license number of the health supervisor;

(4) Includes procedures for the camp staff members to:

(a) Obtain camper, staff, and volunteer health information;

(b) Notify the camp health supervisor when a camper has an identified medical problem to ensure that there is a plan of action at the camp in case of a medical emergency;

(c) Disseminate information to staff members that work with a camper having a health problem;

(d) Care for a camper with an identified medical problem;

(e) Maintain confidentiality regarding all health information on campers and staff members;

(f) Observe campers each day for easily discernible signs of injury or illness;

(g) Handle health emergencies and accidents;

(h) Use emergency ambulance services and 911 services;

(i) Care for and supervise an injured or ill camper until the camper is returned to the parent, guardian, or the parentís or guardianís designee;

(j) Notify a parent, guardian, or the parentís or guardianís designee when a camper is observed to be injured or ill;

(k) Report health situations in accordance with Regulations .06 and .07 of this chapter; and

(l) Prevent the spread of an infectious disease using:

(i) Hand washing procedures;

(ii) Personal protective equipment;

(iii) Personal hygiene; and

(iv) An exposure control plan;

(5) Includes procedures for handling medication at camp in accordance with Regulation .14 of this chapter; and

(6) If using electronic records, includes procedures for, in the event that a power or server outage prevents access to the electronic record:

(a) Accessing camper, staff, and volunteer health information;

(b) Documenting injuries, illnesses, and other reportable diseases and conditions in a paper health log; and

(c) Documenting medication administration on a paper form.

B. An operator shall ensure and document that, not more than 30 calendar days before working at the camp, each staff member or volunteer:

(1) Is trained in the health program;

(2) Demonstrates knowledge of the health program procedures; and

(3) Is provided with the opportunity to discuss the procedures and have any questions answered by a supervisor.

C. A staff member or volunteer shall conduct health procedures according to the health program.