.49 Specialized Activities: Archery.

A. Archery Range. For a camp that offers archery activities, an operator shall ensure that:

(1) An archery range is located where a camper will not wander into the danger area while engaged in other camp activities;

(2) An archery range is clearly marked to warn individuals away from the danger area;

(3) When possible, the shooting direction is to the north to minimize an archer being blinded by the sun;

(4) The shooting area has at least 50 yards of clearance or an archery net behind each target; and

(5) When different archer-to-target distances are required for a group that is shooting at the same time on the same field:

(a) One common shooting line is used; and

(b) The targets are set at a distance from the shooting line that is appropriate with the skill level of the camper.

B. An operator shall ensure that:

(1) Archers fire from a common firing line with a ready line marked behind it;

(2) Only an archer ready to shoot is on the firing line and anyone waiting to shoot remains behind the ready line;

(3) An individual stays behind the firing line at all times except when ordered by the instructor to retrieve a target or an arrow; and

(4) Bows and arrows are stored in a locked enclosure.

C. Staff Members. For a camp that offers archery activities, an operator shall ensure that:

(1) During the archery activity, a director is present at the camp or, when the activity occurs off the camp premises, the activity site;

(2) An instructor and at least one counselor or assistant counselor to assist are on the range at all times during a firing session; and

(3) One adult staff member, adult volunteer, counselor, or assistant counselor is on duty and supervising the campers for each group of ten campers or fraction of ten campers on the firing line.

D. Procedures. An operator shall ensure that a safety plan is developed and implemented:

(1) According to Regulation .52 of this chapter; and

(2) That includes procedures for meeting the requirements of §§A—C of this regulation.