.40 Sleeping Facilities in Resident Youth Camps.

An operator shall:

A. Except at a primitive camp, provide a bed, cot, or bunk for each individual;

B. Ensure that each bed, cot, or bunk has a sturdy frame allowing at least 12 inches of clear space from the floor;

C. Ensure that each individual at a primitive camp:

(1) Is provided with a sleeping bag; or

(2) Brings the individual's own sleeping bag;

D. Provide only clean and sanitary bedding to an individual, when bedding is provided;

E. Ensure that a clean, disinfected, vermin-free, hole-free mattress, completely covered with a clean sheet or a plastic mattress cover is provided for each individual;

F. Ensure that a mattress is disinfected annually;

G. Ensure that where double-deck bunk beds are used the:

(1) Clear space above the top of the lower bedding and below the bottom of the upper bunk is a minimum of 27 inches; and

(2) Distance from the top of the upper mattress to the ceiling is a minimum of 36 inches; and

H. Except at a primitive camp, provide at least 30 square feet of floor space per occupant in sleeping areas, including space for aisles between beds.