.39 Bathing and Hand Washing Facilities.

A. Except as provided in §B of this regulation, an operator shall ensure that:

(1) Hand washing facilities are located:

(a) Within 300 feet of each housing unit; and

(b) Adjacent to each toilet or privy site;

(2) Except when a camper provides the camper's own soap and towel, a hand washing unit is equipped with:

(a) Soap; and

(b) A hot air hand drier or disposable towels;

(3) For a residential camp, one hand washing unit is provided for every 25 campers or fraction of 25 campers;

(4) For a day camp, one hand washing unit is provided for every 35 campers or fraction of 35 campers;

(5) A trash container is provided in a lavatory area;

(6) For a residential camp, one showerhead is provided for every 15 campers or fraction of 15 campers;

(7) Whenever a shower is provided:

(a) Shower heads are spaced at least 30 inches apart to provide a minimum of 6 square feet of floor area per unit;

(b) A shower wall and ceiling is constructed of solid, nonabsorbent, easily cleanable materials;

(c) A shower floor is:

(i) Constructed of nonabsorbent, skid resistant, easily cleanable materials; and

(ii) Sloped to properly constructed floor drains, with provisions to prevent pooling of water or overflow to adjacent floor areas;

(d) A shower partition or shower curtain is provided to prevent splash from stall-type showers;

(e) A soap storage area or nonglass soap dish is provided adjacent to a showerhead;

(f) A dry dressing space with clothes hanging facilities is provided at a shower facility;

(g) A nonabsorbent wall, extending from the floor to the ceiling or roof, separates facilities for both sexes in the same building;

(h) Facilities are plainly designated boys or girls in:

(i) Universal symbols; or

(ii) The native language of the campers expected to use the facility;

(i) A shower room is provided with a door or sight barriers to afford privacy; and

(j) Hot and cold or tempered water is supplied to a shower; and

(8) Whenever hot water is supplied:

(a) The hot water temperature is maintained between 90 and 120F;

(b) A water heater is equipped with a:

(i) Pressure and temperature relief valve; and

(ii) Vacuum relief valve; and

(c) Anti-scald protection is provided on a hot water line going to a shower or bathtub.

B. An operator shall ensure that bathing and hand washing at a primitive camp:

(1) Are sanitary and promote personal hygiene;

(2) Do not create a nuisance or public health hazard;

(3) Do not pollute the environment; and

(4) Comply with applicable federal, State, and local statutes, regulations, and ordinances.