.38 Toilet Facilities.

A. Except as provided in §C of this regulation, an operator shall ensure that:

(1) Toilet facilities are constructed, located, and maintained to prevent a:

(a) Nuisance; or

(b) Public health hazard;

(2) For residential camps, one toilet is provided for each 15 campers or fraction of 15 campers;

(3) For day camps, one toilet is provided for each 35 campers or fraction of 35 campers;

(4) If separate toilet facilities for boys and girls are in the same building, the facilities:

(a) Are separated by a solid wall from floor to roof or ceiling; and

(b) Have self-closing doors or another means that affords privacy;

(5) If separate toilet facilities are provided for boys and girls, they are distinctly marked "boys" and "girls" in:

(a) Universal symbols; or

(b) The native language of the campers expected to use the facility;

(6) Toilet tissue on a holder is furnished adjacent to a toilet;

(7) A toilet facility has adequate:

(a) Mechanical exhaust; or

(b) Natural ventilation; and

(8) A toilet facility is located within 300 feet of each housing unit.

B. An operator may substitute urinals constructed of non-absorbent materials for boys' toilets on the basis of one urinal for one toilet up to a maximum of 1/3 of those facilities required.

C. Sections A and B of this regulation do not apply to a primitive camp.