.35 Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting.

An operator shall ensure that:

A. Child abuse allegations or incidents are reported as prescribed in Family Law Article, §§5-704 and 5-705, Annotated Code of Maryland;

B. A written child abuse prevention and reporting program is prepared and implemented at the camp that includes procedures for:

(1) Educating staff members and volunteers;

(2) Reporting child abuse both internally and externally;

(3) Screening staff members and volunteers prior to working at camp;

(4) Reinforcing the campís policies and procedures during camp operation;

(5) Evaluating the facilities and grounds;

(6) Supervising campers;

(7) Educating on appropriate touching;

(8) Responding to inappropriate behaviors by staff, volunteers, parents, and campers;

(9) Communicating with staff members, volunteers, parents, the Department, and the media;

(10) Supporting an alleged victim; and

(11) Interacting with an alleged perpetrator;

C. Not more than 30 calendar days before working at the camp, each staff member or volunteer:

(1) Is trained in the child abuse prevention and reporting program required in §B of this regulation;

(2) Demonstrates knowledge of the child abuse prevention and reporting procedures; and

(3) Is provided with the opportunity to discuss the procedures and have any questions answered by a supervisor; and

D. Documentation is kept on file that each staff member or volunteer received the training required in §C of this regulation.