.34 Emergency Procedures.

A. An operator shall prepare and implement a written emergency plan that includes procedures for the camp staff members to:

(1) Ensure camper safety during natural disasters, severe weather, and other emergencies;

(2) Evacuate campers from the camp;

(3) Account for campers and locate a missing camper;

(4) Use fire, rescue, police, and 911 services;

(5) Ensure emergency transportation;

(6) Notify the camper's parent or guardian;

(7) Ensure camper safety until the camper's parent, guardian, or parent's or guardian's designee picks up the camper;

(8) Monitor for adverse weather conditions; and

(9) Meet the requirements of §B(4)—(7) of this regulation.

B. An operator shall ensure that:

(1) Not more than 30 calendar days before working at the camp, each staff member or volunteer:

(a) Is trained in the emergency plan;

(b) Demonstrates knowledge of emergency procedures; and

(c) Is provided with the opportunity to discuss the procedures and have any questions answered by a supervisor;

(2) Documentation is kept on file that each staff member or volunteer received the training required in §B(1) of this regulation;

(3) A staff member or volunteer conducts emergency procedures according to the emergency plan;

(4) A telephone or alternate means of communication is provided to:

(a) Summon emergency fire and rescue services; and

(b) Receive emergency communications;

(5) A drill in the emergency procedures is conducted early in each session and a written record is maintained of the drill;

(6) At least one adult staff member and one counselor or assistant counselor are present so that in the event of an emergency:

(a) One staff member remains with an injured camper; and

(b) The other summons emergency assistance immediately; and

(7) During severe weather, adequate shelter is provided for the campers and camp staff members.