.20 Constructing, Remodeling, Enlarging, Converting, or Reducing Facilities.

A. Except for facilities that are used for other purposes where the proposed changes do not affect the operation of the youth camp according to the requirements of this chapter, an operator shall notify the Department, in writing, before:

(1) Constructing, remodeling, or enlarging a youth camp;

(2) Converting a property for use as a youth camp; or

(3) Reducing or eliminating facilities at a youth camp.

B. An operator shall ensure that:

(1) The alterations comply with the requirements of this chapter; and

(2) Applicable local approvals required under law, regulation, and local ordinance are obtained before using the premises as a youth camp, including local:

(a) Zoning approval;

(b) Building approval;

(c) Fire safety approval;

(d) Electrical approval;

(e) Plumbing approval; and

(f) Health department approval.

C. The Department shall inspect the youth camp upon completion of the work for the purpose of monitoring compliance with this chapter.