.06 Annual Report and Self-Assessment.

A. An operator of a program or activity that complies with Regulation .03 or .04 of this chapter and an operator of a youth camp shall submit an annual report, on a form prescribed by the Department, within 4 weeks of the end of the program, activity, or camp to the Department stating:

(1) The actual camper days, that is, the sum total of the actual number of campers who attended camp each day during a camp season;

(2) The number of injuries and illnesses that required an operator to submit a report to the Department under COMAR; and

(3) Other pertinent information requested by the Department.

B. An operator of a camp that paid the reduced fee for a camp in good standing as set forth in COMAR shall:

(1) Complete a self-assessment on a form prescribed by the Department by the end of the first week of camp operation each year; and

(2) Submit the same form to the Department within 4 weeks of the end of the camp.