.08 Garbage and Refuse Disposal.

A. Storage, Collection, Disposal. The storage, collection, and disposal of garbage and refuse shall be so managed as to not create health hazards, rodent harborage, insect-breeding areas, accidents, fire hazards, or air pollution.

B. Containers. All refuse awaiting collection shall be stored in leak-proof, rodent-proof containers with tight-fitting lids and shall be located not more than 150 feet from any mobile home space. Containers shall be provided in sufficient number and capacity for proper storage of all refuse. The lids shall be kept in place while refuse is being stored.

C. Storage Racks or Platforms. Racks or concrete platforms shall be provided on which to store containers for refuse. These container racks or platforms shall be so designed as to prevent tipping, to minimize spillage, container deterioration, and to facilitate cleaning.

D. Collection. All refuse shall be collected at least twice weekly, or more often if the need is indicated. When suitable collection service is not available from municipal or private agencies, the park operator shall provide this service. All refuse shall be collected and transported in covered vehicles or covered containers.

E. Private Disposal. Where municipal or private disposal service is not available, the park operator shall dispose of the refuse in a manner acceptable to the Approving Authority.