.01 Scope.

This chapter:

A. Establishes a farmstead cheese program; and

B. Sets forth the regulation and enforcement process for:

(1) The plan review process for facilities and equipment;

(2) The permitting process for the manufacture of cheese made from raw milk;

(3) Farmstead cheese:

(a) Production;

(b) Labeling;

(c) Record keeping;

(d) Inspections;

(e) Packaging;

(f) Distribution;

(g) Sale;

(h) Sampling;

(i) Testing; and

(4) Assessment of the penalties pursuant to Health-General Article, §§21-211, 21-252 21-256, 21-418, 21-419, 21-428, 21-1202, 21-1203, and 21-1215, Annotated Code of Maryland.