.20 Lo-Mel.

A. Description.

(1) "Lo-mel" means a pure, clean, wholesome semi-viscous drink prepared by stirring while freezing in a dispensing freezer a pasteurized mixture of edible fats or oils other than milkfat, milk solids not fat, water, optional sweetening ingredients as approved by the Secretary, with or without egg or egg products, with or without harmless flavoring, with or without harmless coloring, and with or without stabilizer or emulsifier as approved by the Secretary. It shall contain not more than 6 percent edible fats or oils. It shall contain not less than 10 percent milk solids not fat. It may contain any other safe and suitable ingredients approved by the Secretary. It shall contain not more than 1/2 percent by weight of stabilizer and not more than one-fifth of one percent of emulsifier.

(2) Lo-mel may only be served or sold directly from a dispensing freezer and may not be sold hard frozen.

(3) When Lo-mel is sold from a dispensing freezer a sign shall be displayed which shall read "Lo-mel Served Here", in letters at least 3 inches high and shall include a list of all ingredients in a manner prescribed by the Secretary, provided, however, that the name of the edible fats or oils other than milk fat used must be specified. The letters of the sign are to be of sufficient size to be read by consumers under normal conditions of purchase. The list of ingredients need not be included on the sign if the list of ingredients is printed on the side of the container in which the product is served to the customer.

B. Nomenclature. The name of the food is "lo-mel".

C. Labeling. When any lo-mel purports to be or is represented for any special dietary use by man, it shall be sold only in a container labeled in accordance with all applicable provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 Food and Drugs.