.20-3 Frozen Pudding.

A. Description. "Frozen pudding" means the product made from a pasteurized mix, intended to be eaten in the frozen state. The mix may be composed of milk and milk products, modified or unmodified food starch, sweetening agents, harmless natural or artificial flavoring, or both, harmless natural or artificial color, or both, or any other safe or suitable functional ingredient. The finished product shall contain less than 25 percent total food solids. The weight of the finished product shall not be less than 4.5 pounds per gallon. If not frozen promptly after pasteurization, the finished product shall be cooled to 45F or lower and maintained under conditions to assure suitability for consumption.

B. Nomenclature. The name of the food is "frozen pudding".

C. Labeling. The package label shall include, in addition to all other required information, a complete list of all ingredients in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 Food and Drugs, Part 101.4.