.19 Parevine.

A. Description.

(1) Parevine is the food which is prepared by freezing while stirring, a pasteurized mix composed of one or more edible vegetable oils or fats, protein and carbohydrate food ingredients from other than milk or meat sources, nutritive sweeteners other than lactose, characterizing ingredients except any containing meat or milk, and any other safe and suitable ingredient which is not milk or meat or a product or derivative of milk or meat. This product may not contain any milk, milk product, meat, or meat products or any of their derivatives of any kind.

(2) Its fat content shall be not less than 10 percent, except that when bulky optional characterizing ingredients are used, the fat content may be reduced, as a result of the addition of these ingredients, but may not be less than 8 percent.

(3) Its content of food solids shall be not less than 1.3 pounds per gallon of finished product.

(4) Parevine shall be sold, held, offered for sale by any manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, or any other seller only in factory-filled containers. Parevine may be served for consumption on the premises provided that the individual service is taken from a properly labeled factory-filled container. When parevine is served for consumption on the premises, a sign shall be conspicuously displayed on the sale premises or vehicle where it can be clearly read by customers under normal conditions of purchase, stating "PAREVINE SOLD HERE". Letters on the sign shall be bold face capitals at least 3 inches high and in contrasting color to the background. The sign need not be displayed if each customer is provided with a menu which there is stated "PAREVINE SERVED HERE" in bold face capitals as large as those in listing most food items.

B. Nomenclature. The name of the food is "parevine".

C. Labeling. In addition to all other required information, the label shall comply with the applicable provisions prescribed in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 Food and Drugs.