.13 Frozen Dietary Dairy Dessert.

A. Description. Frozen dietary dairy dessert means a frozen dessert prepared for persons who wish to restrict their intake of ordinary sweetening ingredients. It is produced by freezing while stirring a pasteurized mix consisting of the ingredients permitted for ice cream in Regulation .01-1 of this chapter. The minimum fat content shall be 3 percent, it shall contain no sugars other than those naturally present in the milk solids or flavoring agents which have been added to it, and it may contain edible carbohydrates other than sugars. The edible carbohydrates must be approved by the Department. The product may not be sold in any manner other than in sealed or unbroken packages or containers.

B. Nomenclature. The name of the food is "frozen dietary dairy dessert".

C. Labeling.

(1) Immediately preceding or following the name of the product, there shall be a statement as follows: "Contains ___% milkfat". The blank is to be filled in with the percentage of milkfat in the product. The label of frozen dietary dairy dessert shall contain the statement: "Diabetics: This product may be useful in your diet on the advice of a physician. This food is not a reduced calorie food."

(2) In addition to all other required information, the label shall comply with the applicable regulations promulgated under the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 Food and Drugs.