.11 Quiescently Frozen Confection.

A. Description. Quiescently frozen confection means the frozen product made from sweetening agents, harmless natural or artificial flavoring, and water, and it may contain milk solids, harmless coloring, organic acids, and any safe and suitable functional ingredient approved by the Secretary. The finished product shall contain not less than 17 percent by weight of total food solids. In the manufacture of this product, freezing has not been accompanied by stirring or agitation (generally known as quiescent freezing). In the production of this quiescently frozen confection, no processing or mixing before quiescent freezing may be used that develops in the finished confection mix any physical expansion in excess of 10 percent. This confection shall be manufactured in the form of servings, individually packaged, bagged, or otherwise wrapped, properly labeled, and purveyed to the consumer in its original factory-filled package. The individually wrapped confection need not be labeled if it is contained in a multiple package which is properly labeled and purveyed unopened to the consumer.

B. Nomenclature. The name of the food is "quiescently frozen confection".

C. Labeling. In addition to all other required information, the label shall comply with the applicable regulations promulgated under the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 Food and Drugs.