.19 Producer Mobile Farmerís Market Unit.

A. The Department may issue a food processing plant license to operate a producer mobile farmerís market unit to transport for sale at a farmer's market potentially hazardous food products:

(1) Produced or stored on the farm by the licensee under an on-farm home processing plant license;

(2) Produced or stored on the farm by the licensee, as authorized by the Department in regulation; or

(3) That have been inspected, licensed, or certified for food safety by the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

B. The person-in-charge shall ensure that the producer mobile farmerís market unit:

(1) Complies with Regulation .13A(7)ó(12) of this chapter; and

(2) Displays the license on the unit during operation.

C. A county health department shall:

(1) Enforce ßB of this regulation;

(2) Levy fines as established in local law, ordinance, or regulation; and

(3) Notify the Department of any violations occurring in the county.