.15 Unit Processing Operations — Packaging Food.

The person-in-charge shall ensure that:

A. Food packaging is:

(1) Designed and installed to maintain food:

(a) Safety; and

(b) Integrity;

(2) Made from materials that:

(a) Are safe;

(b) Are appropriate for the intended use;

(c) Do not migrate to or might be absorbed by food; and

(d) Comply with the requirements of the United States Food and Drug Administration in 21 CFR Parts 174—178 for indirect food additives;

(3) Evaluated before use for characteristics that may impact the food, such as:

(a) Permeability to:

(i) Water and water vapor;

(ii) Oxygen; and

(iii) Other gases;

(b) Tolerance to:

(i) Heat;

(ii) Cold; and

(iii) Chemicals used in processing;

(c) Strength; and

(d) Elasticity;

(4) Stored so that it is protected from contamination; and

(5) Not reused if intended for single-service;

B. A hermetic seal of packaging:

(1) Excludes the entry of microorganisms;

(2) Is inspected after the sealing operation and before distribution; and

(3) Is protected to maintain seal integrity;

C. Before the use of hermetic seals and reduced oxygen packages, a hazard analysis is performed;

D. Food packaging allows the labeling of the food with the information set forth in Regulation .16 of this chapter; and

E. Food packaging and hermetic seals that fail to comply with the requirements of this regulation are replaced in a manner that ensures food safety.