.11 Worker Sanitation.

The person-in-charge shall ensure that:

A. An individual in the plant:

(1) Practices good personal hygiene so that the individual does not contaminate the food;

(2) Is excluded from working with food and food contact surfaces:

(a) As provided in COMAR; and

(b) When the individual has an:

(i) Illness transmissible through food; or

(ii) Exposed and open sore or cut;

(3) While working with food or handling food contact surfaces, washes the individual's hands frequently and after an activity that is likely to soil the hands;

(4) Wears clean outerwear, a hair and beard covering, and no jewelry;

(5) If handling food, maintains trim and clean fingernails and does not wear false fingernails;

(6) Stores personal items in a designated non-food area; and

(7) Does not smoke or engage in an activity that might contaminate food;

B. The facilities that help ensure good personal hygiene are provided in the plant and, except as provided in Regulation .18 of this chapter, include:

(1) Lockers or similar storage facilities for the secure storage of personal items in an area that is not used for food or food utensils;

(2) Adequate hand washing facilities;

(3) Signage in toilet rooms that instructs individuals to wash their hands before returning to work;

(4) A water fountain or other water dispenser that provides potable water without the use of reusable cups;

(5) An area for employees to eat and drink beverages that is not used in conjunction with food processing; and

(6) Where needed for food safety, sanitizer foot baths and hand dips;

C. Education and training in food handling, personal hygiene, and plant sanitation is provided to employees;

D. Workers using gloves while working with food or food contact surfaces:

(1) Wash hands thoroughly before putting on the gloves;

(2) After an activity that is likely to soil the gloves:

(a) Replace the gloves; or

(b) Clean and sanitize the gloves while on the hands in accordance with §E of this regulation; and

(3) Use gloves that are intended for food contact; and

E. While on the hands, gloves are cleaned and sanitized using methods or equipment scientifically proven to clean and sanitize in accordance with Regulation .12D, H, and I of this chapter.