.06 Food Protection.

The person-in-charge shall ensure that:

A. Food is protected at all times from contamination and sources of contamination including:

(1) Pathogenic microorganisms;

(2) Toxic or deleterious chemicals;

(3) Foreign matter;

(4) Dust;

(5) Vermin;

(6) Insects;

(7) Unnecessary hand contact or other handling;

(8) Overhead leakage; and

(9) Animals;

B. During storage, transportation, processing, and transfer, including the time at a food transfer station, food is kept at temperatures that ensure the safety and wholesomeness of the food;

C. Except as provided in Regulation .14E of this chapter and D of this regulation, the internal temperature of a potentially hazardous food is kept at 41F or less or 135F or greater;

D. The internal temperature of a food with a non-proteolytic Clostridium botulinum potential hazard is kept at 38F or less during refrigerated storage;

E. Except as provided in Regulation .14E of this chapter, when a food is kept at temperatures other than those set forth in §§C and D of this regulation, a scheduled process that specifies a food temperature and time at temperature is:

(1) Used; and

(2) Available at the point of use for inspection by the Department;

F. Food is prevented from coming into contact with a surface or substance other than a surface or substance intended for food contact or incorporation into food;

G. Food is protected from an activity that has the potential to contaminate the food by:

(1) Physical partitions;

(2) Time separation; or

(3) Distance separation; and

H. When specialized training is required by COMAR 10.15.01, 10.15.02, 10.15.07, or 10.15.10, or this chapter, the specialized training is obtained.