.29 Food Service Facility Inspections — General.

A. The person-in-charge shall permit a representative of the approving authority to:

(1) Enter a food service facility at a reasonable time for the purpose of making inspections to determine compliance with this chapter; and

(2) Examine the records of the facility that pertain to information regarding food and supplies purchased, received, or used.

B. The person-in-charge shall inform the approving authority of, and keep confidential, a food ingredient or a recipe that the person-in-charge considers a trade secret, except as provided in §C of this regulation.

C. The person-in-charge shall furnish information to the approving authority regarding a food ingredient or recipe that the person-in-charge considers a trade secret if:

(1) An immediate and substantial danger to public health exists involving the food ingredient or recipe; or

(2) The approving authority determines that the information about the food ingredient or recipe is necessary to conduct a foodborne disease investigation.

D. The approving authority shall maintain the confidentiality of trade secret information in accordance with State Government Article, §10-617, and Health-General Article, §21-259, Annotated Code of Maryland.

E. When an inspection of a food service facility is made, the approving authority shall:

(1) Document:

(a) The inspection results on an inspection report form provided by the Department; and

(b) On the report:

(i) Conditions found that violate the provisions of this chapter; and

(ii) Critical item violations, noted separately from all other violations;

(2) Furnish one copy of the inspection report to the person-in-charge of the facility; and

(3) Make the completed inspection report form available for public disclosure in accordance with State Government Article, §10-611—10-628, Annotated Code of Maryland.