.17 Storage and Handling of Cleaned Equipment and Utensils.

The person-in-charge shall ensure that:

A. Contamination of food-contact surfaces of cleaned and sanitized equipment and utensils is prevented by handling:

(1) Cleaned spoons, knives, and forks by the utensil's handles only; and

(2) Cleaned cups, glasses, and bowls so that hands do not contact inside surfaces or mouth-contact surfaces;

B. The food-contact surfaces of equipment are protected from:

(1) Splash;

(2) Dust; and

(3) Other contamination;

C. Cleaned and sanitized food equipment, portable equipment, and utensils are stored:

(1) A minimum of 18 inches above the floor when not fully protected by an enclosure with doors;

(2) In a clean, dry location; and

(3) In a space that affords protection from splash, dust, and other contamination;

D. Utensils are:

(1) Air dried before being stored; or

(2) Stored in a self-draining position on hooks or racks constructed of a corrosion resistant material;

E. Stored containers and utensils are covered or inverted whenever possible;

F. Flatware is stored in containers designed to present the handle to the employee or customer;

G. Toilet rooms or vestibules are not used to store:

(1) Food equipment;

(2) Utensils; or

(3) Single service articles; and

H. Single service articles are:

(1) Stored in closed cartons or containers to protect the articles from contamination;

(2) Handled and dispensed in a manner that prevents contamination of surfaces that come into contact with food or the mouth of the user; and

(3) Used only once.