.08 Use of Time-Only with Potentially Hazardous Food.

A. The approving authority may approve the use of time-only, rather than time in conjunction with temperature, for food protection as set forth in §B of this regulation.

B. The person-in-charge shall ensure that:

(1) Before using time-only while holding or preparing a potentially hazardous food:

(a) A written request is submitted to and approved by the approving authority for a specific food under specific conditions of preparation and service that includes:

(i) A record-keeping procedure that can verify safety intervention steps; and

(ii) Procedures for marking or otherwise identifying the food with the time by which it is to be either used or discarded; and

(b) The procedures for time-only are included in the food service facility's HACCP plan as a critical control point;

(2) Except as otherwise approved by the approving authority, the maximum time limit under time-only control is 4 hours for a:

(a) Raw, working supply of potentially hazardous food during preparation, after which time the food is cooked or discarded; and

(b) Ready-to-eat potentially hazardous food held for immediate consumption, after which time the food not served is discarded;

(3) Food has an initial temperature of:

(a) 41F or less upon removal from refrigeration; or

(b) 135F or more upon removal from cooking equipment; and

(4) Food that has been protected using time-only control is not served in a health care facility.