.07 Food Protection During Outdoor Preparation and Service.

The person-in-charge shall ensure that:

A. During the use of outdoor cooking equipment, such as a barbeque grill, at a food service facility:

(1) Equipment:

(a) Is used only at the food service facility for service to patrons;

(b) Is located:

(i) On an impermeable surface;

(ii) In close proximity to the food preparation area of the food service facility; and

(iii) Away from parking areas, dumpsters, and patron entrances; and

(c) Meets the requirements set forth in Regulation .15 of this chapter;

(2) Food is:

(a) Prepared for outdoor cooking inside the food service facility; and

(b) Protected from contamination during cooking and service; and

B. When preparing beverages outdoors:

(1) Overhead protection is provided;

(2) Protection from contamination during storage is provided for ingredients, including:

(a) Ice;

(b) Drink mixes; and

(c) Condiments;

(3) Containers are protected from contamination during storage; and

(4) Other than when only beer, wine, or soda is offered, a hand washing sink is provided in accordance with Regulation .18K and L of this chapter.