.06 Responsibilities of the Comptroller.

The Comptroller shall:

A. Include in the individual income tax return form:

(1) A checkoff designated as the Maryland Cancer Fund contribution; and

(2) A description that the Fund may only be used for cancer:

(a) Research;

(b) Primary prevention;

(c) Secondary prevention; or

(d) Treatment;

B. Collect the checkoff contributions and other donations and account to the Treasurer for the money collected;

C. Distribute the amount necessary to administer the checkoff system to an administrative cost account;

D. After the distribution under §C of this regulation, distribute the remainder of the money to the Fund; and

E. Notify the Department annually of:

(1) The gross amount of donations to the Fund through the income tax checkoff system;

(2) The gross amount of other donations to the Fund; and

(3) The costs of administration of the income tax checkoff system by the Comptroller.