.03 Application for Dispensing Permit.

A. The licensee shall complete an application on a form approved by the appropriate Board and pay a fee in accordance with the fee schedule for:

(1) Physicians at COMAR;

(2) Podiatrists at COMAR 10.40.03; or

(3) Dentists at COMAR 10.44.20.

B. The application shall require the following information to indicate that the applicant is personally preparing and dispensing prescription drugs in the public interest:

(1) The name, address, and license number of the applicant;

(2) An attestation by the applicant that the applicant shall comply with the:

(a) Dispensing requirements set forth in Regulation .04 of this chapter;

(b) Inspection requirements set forth in Regulation .05 of this chapter; and

(c) Statutes and regulations governing dispensing of prescription drugs set forth in Health Occupations Article, Title 12, Annotated Code of Maryland, COMAR 10.19.03, and COMAR 10.34; and

(3) The address of each practice location where the applicant dispenses prescription drugs.

C. Each permit issued to a licensee expires 5 years after its date of issuance and is renewable upon timely submission of a renewal application in accordance with the requirements set forth in this regulation. The fee schedule set forth in §A of this regulation applies to all renewal applications.

D. Continuing Education Requirement.

(1) A permit holder shall complete 10 continuing education credits over a 5-year period relating to the preparing and dispensing of prescription drugs as a condition of permit renewal.

(2) The continuing education credit requirement shall be implemented in accordance with Ch. 267, §2, Acts of 2012.

E. A permit issued to a licensee shall be nontransferable.