.46 Admission Restriction.

A. If the Secretary determines that a serious health or fire safety deficiency exists in a center, the Secretary immediately may restrict new admissions to the center for not more than a 30-day period.

B. Within 7 days after a request by an aggrieved party, a show cause hearing shall be held before the Director of the Office of Health Care Quality to show cause why the admission restriction was not appropriately imposed.

C. Within 21 days after admissions are restricted, the center shall take steps to correct the deficiency.

D. Unless the Secretary lifts the admissions restriction, within 30 days after admissions are restricted, a hearing shall be held to determine whether the center has taken sufficient measures to correct the deficiency.

E. If the Secretary finds that the deficiency still exists, the Secretary may:

(1) Continue to restrict admissions for not more than three consecutive 30-day periods; or

(2) Revoke the license of the center.