.45 Mandated Staffing Pattern.

A. When the Department determines that a deficiency or deficiencies exist, the Department shall notify the center of the deficiency or deficiencies and may either:

(1) Mandate a staffing pattern that specifies the number of personnel or personnel qualifications, or both; or

(2) Permit the center the opportunity to correct the deficiencies by a specific date.

B. If the center does not correct the deficiency or deficiencies, the Department has the authority to specify the number of personnel or personnel qualifications, or both.

C. The center shall comply with the Department's mandated staffing pattern and notify the Department, in writing, when the staffing pattern has been implemented.

D. A mandated staffing pattern shall be in effect for the period of time specified by the Department. A center may request rescission or modification of the staffing pattern at intervals of not less than 60 days from the date of imposition of the staffing pattern.