.44 State Monitor.

A. If the Department determines that a deficiency or deficiencies exist, the Department may appoint a State monitor who is qualified on the basis of education and experience to oversee correction of the deficiencies.

B. The duties of the State monitor shall be specified in a written agreement between the Department and the State monitor and shall include, but are not limited to:

(1) Conducting periodic on-site inspections to assess the center's compliance with regulations of this chapter;

(2) Making recommendations to achieve compliance with State regulations; and

(3) Issuing written reports to the Department and the center detailing the findings of the on-site inspections and the status of recommended actions that the center shall complete to achieve compliance.

C. The State monitor shall function for a period of time specified by the Department. The center may request rescission or modification of the duration of the State monitor's appointment at intervals of not less than 120 days from the date of appointment.

D. The State monitor may not be an employee of the Department.

E. The State monitor's salary shall be:

(1) Paid directly by the center; and

(2) At least equivalent to the prevailing salary paid by centers for an individual with similar education and experience.