.40 Sanitation.

A. The center shall have sufficient maintenance and housekeeping personnel to assure that the center is clean, orderly, attractive, and safe at all times.

B. The center shall ensure that maintenance and housekeeping activities are completed on a regular basis and according to generally accepted sanitation standards. Maintenance and housekeeping functions may not interfere with the provision of care or the activities program of the center.

C. The center shall develop and implement a written plan for preventive maintenance and repair of the center.

D. Insects and Rodents.

(1) The center shall:

(a) Be maintained free of insects and rodents;

(b) Maintain control measures to prevent infestation by insects and vermin; and

(c) Ensure that all control measures are conducted using approved methods.

(2) The use of pesticides shall be controlled so that participants, staff, and visitors are not exposed to fumes or residues. Application of pesticides shall be scheduled at a time when participants are not in the center.

E. Refuse.

(1) The center shall store refuse in water-tight containers with tight-fitting covers. Containers shall be emptied at frequent intervals and be thoroughly scoured and aired before reuse.

(2) The outside storage area for garbage shall be constructed of impervious materials.

F. Special Medical Waste. The center shall dispose of special medical waste in accordance with all federal, State, and local laws and regulations.